Google Depot Tools bug on iOS

Hope it will save some time for you. If you see

AssertionError: Multiple codesigning identities for identity: iPhone Developer

and don’t know how to fix, when building webrtc, libyuv or any other libraries with Google’s depot tools, simplest fix you can do is just remove the assertion. You don’t need developer’s profile and binary singing for libraries. That’s obvious for you, but not obvious for the script. 🙂 In my case, I found the assertion in the /chromium/src/tools/gyp/pylib/gyp/

P.S. Found similar post on Stackoverflow.

Javascript’s this is nuts

It’s not going to be a rant as title might suggest you. I’ve been reading a book about Phonegap (now known as Apache Cordova), and came across a cool remark in the text:

Javascript’s this is a bit
nuts, so it’s always better to refer to a variable that we know
will always refer to the object.

I smiled. This remark was referring to a simple code that had this assignment:

self = this

I’ve learned about JS “this” the hard way. Indeed, it’s not intuitive and goes against what developer learned from other languages. Anyway, I thought I know how it works well… until I read this quote. I went back online to refresh my knowledge, just to learn the damn thing again. 🙂 Anyway, in case if you’re in the same boat, old friend MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) is your friend. That’s the best article about “this” scope, strict and non-strict mode (who came up with these names!?), syntax for event handlers etc.

Here’s the link

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