Running Windows 10 from external drive on Mac

Some time ago I was able to create bootable Windows 10 installation on external SSD drive. It worked perfectly and I was able to play all Windows only games. However, it all went south when I upgraded my Macbook Pro to new 2017 model… Well. Old USB drivers stopped working, so after boot I could not use either keyboard nor mouse. Apparently there are many step-by-step instructions on how to install Window 8 and 10 on external drive, but many of them are outdated or do not cover my specific problem. Luckily there’s a discussion thread on Apple’s own support forum on how to troubleshoot and fix similar issues.
In my case I had to download new set of drivers from Bootcamp Assistant and install them. Luckily I found external USB keyboard that worked with Macbook!
Here’s the thread you may find useful.
Another good tutorial on how to fix drivers issue using a VM (if you can boot your bootcamp in VM):

What’s new in Swift 4

There’s very good article on most important changes in Swift 4 by Ray Wanderlich here:
Most important changes are in containers. They promoted strings to containers finally! A lot of cleanups and improvements.
I found Generic Subscripts a good addition. I’ve tried to use generics in my custom class and ran into the fact that I can’t create a subscript. Now I can.
Check it out!

Fish shell intro

Came across great video tutorial/introduction to Fish shell. I’ve tried to switch to Fish couple times in my life and every time I got stuck somewhere. Third time is a charm, I guess? 🙂

Anyway, here’s a nice video you must watch before trying to abandon your bash (or zsh or whatever).

Lifehack: If you can’t compile old XCode project “There is no SDK with the name or path”

If your old project fails to compile with XCode with error like
error: There is no SDK with the name or path ‘/path/to/my/project/macosx10.6’

even if you changed target in the XCode Build Settings, then you stumbled upon silly bug in the XCode. It’s just unable to change SDKROOT in your pbxproject file. Edit it manually and remove all SDKROOT lines.

NSMutableArray implementation

Stumbled upon on very good deep dive into NSMutableArray implementation. When I just started working on iOS and MacOS development, somebody told me that NSMutableArray is based on a circular buffer, so it’s very efficient for queues and stacks as well. I remembered that and as 99% of engineers never really cared about details. Besides, Apple never released sources for its core classes. However curious minds, as usual, got to the bottom of the issue.

Here’s very well written article on implementation details.

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