Radio Shack TRS-80

Radio Shack is definitely dying, but its legacy will not die for sure. 🙂 Exactly 27 years ago in August of 1977 Radio Shack started sales of the first real home computer.
It did not have much of software at launch, had poor video text-only video controller, small amount of RAM (4Kb), crippled built-in Basic, crappy video monitor that could be purchased together with the bundle, but it was good enough to break sales records and create new market of home computers. Couple years later, Radio Shack could brag about having the largest available software library on the market, thanks to enthusiasts and young software company that were born together with birth of Apple II, Commodore PET and Radio Shack TRS-80, – three most popular mass produced computers of that time, together called “Trinity” by Byte magazine.


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